We have tremendous respect for the Tau Zeta Brothers who have come before us and the foundation they have laid for us. We want to keep connected with Alumni through our website, social media, and personal communications. 

Last year we brought back an old Tau Zeta tradition by conducting an Alumni Induction Ceremony during our Alumni Reunion Weekend. This was a great ceremony in which we recognized the outstanding contribution of our graduating brothers. We plan to make this into an annual tradition, and in only a few days will be sending the Alpha Rho and Alpha Sigma Pledge Classes off into the world with high hopes.

Over the next two semesters we hope to expand our Alumni Group exponentially.  We have plans for at least two Alumni events and we hope that this will help us continue to extend the hand of Brotherhood to our Alumni.


Alumni Registration

Welcome Alumni! Stay in touch by joining our ChapterSpot network below. Check your email to see if your request is accepted. Please contact an officer if you do not receive your acceptance within 24 hours.

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