BU Madness

In the Spring of 2013 Chi Phi and Kappa Delta came together once again to host the second annual "BU Madness." The event took place in the Case Gymnasium on April 9th, 2013. It was a 5-on-5 bracket-styled basketball tournament, consisting of 16 teams. The event was organized by Philanthropy Chairs Maicen Young of Chi Phi, and Jackie Post of Kappa Delta. They both put in tons of work in the weeks leading up to BU Madness. They promoted the event, signed up teams, sold tickets, set up the gym, and arranged for prizes, scorekeepers, announcers, music, and much more.  Both Philanthropy Chairs demonstrated outstanding leadership skills when the even was postponed from its original date because of the Women's Basketball Team playoffs.

BU Madness was a huge success for the second time in a row. There were plenty of members of BU Greek Life in attendance, as well as other student organizations. Participants and spectators included members of Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Omega Phi Alpha, Pike, SigEp, IFC, Panhel, BU Basketball, and much more! Even Rhett was there!

Spectators watched as coed teams went head-to-head on the court, and battled it out for the grand prize of six Boston Celtics Tickets. Highlights included alley-oops and slam dunks from the Pike team, KD's dancing with Rhett, a friendly game of knockout, and our awesome raffle prizes. 

Raffle prizes included multiple restaurant gift cards, gift baskets, a Vineyard Vines neck-tie, tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show, and much more. The winning basketball team  received 6 tickets to the final home game of the Boston Celtics.

BU Athletics and the Men's Basketball Team worked closely with Chi Phi and Kappa Delta to promote BU Madness 2013 prior to the event.  Their help spreading word around campus boosted attendance a lot this year.

All proceeds from this event once again went to the Save the Children Foundation.

Chi Phi and Kappa Delta are happy to have hosted such a fun event for a great cause. We hope to do this awesome event again next year, so keep an eye out when March Madness rolls around. For now, connect with Chi Phi and Kappa Delta on Twitter and Facebook!

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BU Madness 2012

KD poses with Rhett

Vibes Dance Performance

Selling tickets at the door

Pike, Sammy, and ADPi ballin'